Pool Safety Certificate

pool safety certificate

Pool Safety Certificate Explained

What Is Pool Safety Certificate

The two main questions when someone calls us to enquire about the pool safety certificate are ‘what is it?’, and ‘how do I get one?’. A pool safety certificate or certificate of compliance refers to the document that is issued after the successful inspection of a pool barrier following the Swimming pool regulations based on the age of the pool. This Certificate is issued after the barrier is deemed safe and solid construction to ensure that children under 5 years of age cannot get into the pool area without adult help.

Process Obtaining A Pool Safety Certificate

  1. Contact either a private certifier (Pool inspector) or a council certifier to come and inspect the pool barrier.
  2. Inspector will come to your pool and take a look at the barrier for compliance based on the build date of the pool
  3. If the inspector finds things that do not comply, they will write a report and provide this to you within 3 business days from inspection and a further inspection will be required once the issues have been rectified but within 6 weeks of the initial inspection.
  4. NSW swimming pool register issues Pool safety certificate the inspector finds no issue.
  5. Your property lawyer or real estate agent will receive a copy to put with the contract of sale or the Lease agreement.

Common Questions And Answers Pertaining To Pool Safety Certificates

Q: Before an inspector comes to the pool to assess, is there anything I can do to prepare?

A: Yes. Jump on the NSW swimming pool register and check if your pool is registered. If not, do so. When you’re on the site, you can also download a checklist for your pool, and this will give you an idea of the things needed to be maintained.

Q: Who is responsible for obtaining a pool safety certificate?

A: The owner of the property the pool sits on is responsible for obtaining a pool safety certificate.

Q: When do I need to obtain a pool safety certificate?

A: When you decide to sell or lease a property with an existing pool.

Q: How long is a pool safety certificate valid?

A: The certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Q: If I lease a property that has a pool do I receive a copy of the certificate?

A: Yes you should receive a copy of the certificate with your lease agreement

Q: Do I need to replace the certificate as soon as the certificate expires?

A: The certificate needs to be obtained each time the property changes hands.

The responsibility for maintaining the barrier between certification lies with the owner of the property and where the property leased the tenant is responsible for reporting any issues to be rectified and the owner responsible for paying for these.