Frequently Asked Questions


How much will an inspection cost me?

The price is fixed price which means each time we visit the pool it will cost a flat fee of $199.

Can I check the pool myself?

Yes you can download a checklist from the pool register website

and conduct a self-assessment on your pool. However this checklist does not cover everything and does not enable you to have a compliance certificate issued. It does prepare you for us to come and inspect.

Do I need to register my pool?

Yes, the NSW Government introduced the swimming pool amendment Act 2012 introducing the NSW swimming pool register which made it compulsory to register a pool or spa from November 2013 onwards


Do I need to have a Pool Compliance Certificate?

Yes, From the 29th April 2016 if you are selling or leasing a residential property with a pool or spa you will need a certifier to certify your pool so you can include a compliance or non-compliance certificate in any contract for sale or lease.

How often do I need to have my pool inspected and a new certificate issued?

If you are leasing the property you must have a current certificate to go along with the lease. If you are selling a property you must have either a certificate of compliance or certificate of non-compliance subject to sale. The compliance certificate expires after 3 years.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured for public and professional indemnity as per Fair Trading guidelines.

How long does a pool certificate inspection take?

An inspection normally takes about 30min to 1hr depending on the state of the pool. And within 3 days we will email you a detailed report with photographs outlining any rectification work required. If no rectification works are required a report and certificate of compliance can be issued same day.

Do I need to be at home when the inspection takes place?

Although it is preferred that someone be at the property, an inspection can be performed if nobody is in attendance providing access to the pool is prearranged and any animals are secured elsewhere.

What happens if the inspection passes?

We will promptly issue a certificate of compliance which will also be available for download from the swimming pool register

What happens if the inspection fails?

If your property does not pass the inspection, a Non-compliance Notice is issued. A detailed report including photographs outlining the areas of concern is provided. Property owners are given six weeks (as stipulated by the legislation) to rectify any problem areas and bring it up to compliance standards.

A reinspection will need to be organised within 6 weeks of the original inspection date. If a pool remains non-compliant after 6 weeks and no inspection has been rebooked, the pool inspector is legally bound to notify the local authority. For properties that are being sold, a Certificate of Non-compliance subject to sale can be issued at the owners request. This certificate can then be attached to the contract of sale which then passes the responsibility to the purchaser to rectify safety issues to achieve compliance. This certificate lasts 1 year from issue though the certificate and the report produced needs to be provided to council after 6weeks so they can follow up with the new owners. The responsibility of the rectification work will transfer to the new owner on settlement and the purchaser will have 90 days from settlement to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.