About Us

Who we are:

NSW Swimming Pool Certifiers, Kate and Charlie Kobayati

What are we about?

We have been in the building game over 25yrs and enjoy helping clients to apply and understand the legislation and the real-life applications of the Australian Standards. We have been certifying pool barriers since 2015 before the NSW laws came into effect in 2016.

Why do we do what we do?

Being parents of young children ourselves we understand the heartbreak of a child drowning or nearly drowning in a backyard pool. The reason the state government put these laws into effect was to do as much as we can to prevent accidental drowning. This is the second leading cause of deaths in children under 5yrs old. It was deemed that children under 5yrs old do not, in most cases, have the ability to understand the dangers of water and so placing a compliant barrier around a pool is the least we can do to protect them from harm.

We would love to help you with your pool safety inspection so contact us on 0422292846 to organise an inspection or click on our book now tab.